Herb Roasted Butternut Squash w/ Red Onion & Goat Cheese (paired w/ AV Thai Ginger & Classic Sea Salt blends)

50 min; serves 4 


  • 1halved butternut squash
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (for the squash seeds - YES, SAVE THEM!)
  • fresh herbs (we used rosemary & oregano)
  • 1/2 sliced red onion
  • 2 tbsp goat cheese crumbles
  • 1 tsp of Allie Vous Thai Ginger sea salt blend
  • pepper
  • Garnish - save some of the fresh herbs


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. Cut squash in half lengthwise
  3. Scoop out the seeds and save them for roasting
  4. Use a fork to poke a few little holes in the top (this will allow the seasonings to seep in a bit for extra flavor - also might speed up the cooking process) 
  5. Transfer squash flat-side up onto a baking sheet and brush with olive oil.
  6. Scatter the sliced onions on top
  7. Sprinkle with, sea salt (we used AV Thai Ginger blend - but our Classic Sea Salt & Roasted Garlic would be delicious too!), fresh herbs, and pepper.
  8. Roast in oven for approx. 45 min or until the squash it tender to touch with a fork.
  9. In the meantime, roast the seeds.
  10. Add the coconut oil, cleaned seeds, and a little sea salt (we used AV Classic Sea Salt blend) to a pan on medium/low heat. 
  11. Stir gently until they start to slightly brown. 
  12. Remove squash from the oven just enough to sprinkle the seeds and then goat cheese on top -- in that order. 
  13. Place back in the oven for 5 min (or until cheese starts to melt)
  14. Remove from oven, let cool slightly. 
  15. Garnish with a few fresh herbs and enjoy!