Our Story

Like many others, founder Allie had to transform her daily routine in 2020. In June, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Allie began volunteering as a morning cook for an Atlanta-based soup kitchen. The kitchen gave her a place where she could marry her longtime love of creating delicious nourishing meals with the opportunity to give back to the city she loves.  

Why Gourmet Sea Salts?

Sodium content is a daily conversation topic at the soup kitchen. Typically, the lower sodium dishes (crafted using vegetables, etc.) are perceived to not be as tasty.   At Allie Vous, we believe healthy food can be flavorful food, especially with a little extra love sprinkled in – the finishing touch.

Our handcrafted, all-natural gourmet sea salts elevate any dish, from roasted chicken and one-pot soups to cheesy grits & Brussels sprouts. Similar to how we see the soup kitchen, we want you to see your kitchen as a place to explore new flavors and share mouthwatering, heartfelt meals with the people you love. 

Food made with quality ingredients nourishes the body.  Food made with love, and shared with others, nourishes the soul.  Because of you, we can do both.

From our hearts to your table, 

Allie Vous